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About Swisher Pest Control

Pest Control Experts Since 1989!

Samuel Swisher founded Swisher Pest Control in 1996 to memorialize the pride of the family name.  Samuel has 24 years of experience providing pest control services. Running his family-owned business has given him the opportunity to provide personalized pest control services to his 11,000 satisfied customers. A large percentage of our business is comprised of repeat loyal customers that we value significantly.  Swisher Pest Control is dedicated to staying the best in the pest control industry and is why we stay within our area of expertise. We provide multiple levels of both commercial and residential pest control services. At Swisher Pest Control, we pride ourselves on service, dependability, and the trust of our customers. Our response time and quick removal of pests from your home or business is extremely important to us.

The Swisher family is sixth generation Texans with deep roots in Harris and Ft. Bend Counties. Having a large family in Houston gives their customers an assurance that they are fixtures in the community.

Our promise to our customers:

  • To provide good, honest, and dependable service.
  • Use of the best pest control products available.
  • To respond to our customers in a timely manner.
  • To remain aware of any current problems in entomology and continue to further our education.
  • To respect our customers', their homes, and properties.

Call today to request a free pest control inspection from Swisher Pest Control.  You can expect same day service and a quick response from a certified technician.

We are proud to use the following products for our pest control services:

  •  Top Choice
  •  Termidor


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