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"Swisher Pest Control was not our first stop but 10 years ago it was our last stop in meeting our pest control needs. The technician has been effective, efficient, and successful in battling wasps, ants, roaches and earwigs for us. With my busy days I have been grateful that he has always arrived as scheduled. Swisher Pest Control uses approved and environmentally safe products with good results; and, in the event of the necessity to reapply due to rain they have been prompt in returning. When you open your home and invite someone in to go ‘everywhere’ trustworthiness is paramount. In addition to the element of trust we have appreciated the consideration of the technician in wearing shoe covers for the protection of our rugs. I have recommended Swisher Pest Control to friends and look forward to our continued relationship.  Love you guys."  Review by: Lynn Klein

"Swisher Pest Control was recommended to us ten years ago and we have seen no reason to try another pest control service. We liked the idea of Swisher Pest Control being a family run business and are delighted with their service. Sam Q. Swisher has been our technician for some time; always arriving as scheduled, always courteous, inspections are meticulous and pest control treatments are thorough. Sam is especially helpful when we have additional pest control questions. Thank you for the years of great service and keep up the good work." Review by: Christine Murray

"Been using them for years! Sam Swisher owns this company, and for years I (and friends) have found them to be thorough and care about doing a great job at a reasonable price. I would not hesitate to recommend Swisher Pest Control."  Review by: Robin January 12, 2009 at 06:34 PM

"These guys are AWESOME! They fixed an enormous German cockroach problem throughout my 4-plex in Montrose, which came from the sewer lines under the house.  Other exterminators couldn't handle it, but they have a roach baiting system that really really works. I recommend Swisher Pest Control with no hesitation.  Review by: Melanie S. 1/14/2011

"Swisher Pest Control has been my pest control company for many years. They are absolutely the best. I have not seen a roach or other pest in my home since Swisher Pest Control first began treating my home. The owner is honest, clean, very professional, and always on time. I have also used them to get rid of rats in a rent house. They took care of the problem immediately where others had tried and failed. I love Swisher Pest Control. Five stars all the way. Very professional, always on time, always take care of the problem. Very honest." Review by: C.D.

"Swisher Pest Control has been treating my home for pest control for many years, these guys are very knowledgeable about their field and have been very effective in treating any problems that I have ever come across. I will continue to use their service for many years to come. Thanks Swisher Pest Control for years of great service."  Review by: R. V.

"I have personally known Sam Swisher  for over 15 years and been a customer. Also I will say that If you are looking for some people that are honest and know what they are doing then you are looking for Swisher Pest Control, they have done a fantastic job over the past 15years and I would not consider any other place but Swisher Pest Control." Review by: L. A.

"I have been a customer of Swisher Pest Control for over 11 years and they have always provided quality service to us throughout the years. I would recommend Swisher Pest Control to anyone looking for quality, fair & friendly work. Keep up the good work." Review by: K. D.

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